Cirque Psychotique (gottxistxtot) wrote in boysex,
Cirque Psychotique

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LUL - Whut?

Well lookie here. A SOAD Slash Commune.

I think I recognize a few faces, as well.

Some of you MAY know me as Pickle-Party from Providing you the best and most disturbingly inaccurate SOAD Slash available on the market TODAH.

Now, someone please tell me whether or not I should post all the stories I wrote here? Some may not like them too too toooo much and give me shit (because they can't do better).

AND BTW: About that "I hate Serj Tankian" thinggy on my journal. Well well well.. You read it and you will know whah. ;-)

ANYHOO. Y'all have a good night!

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