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Oh look! I wrote something that's not silly!
I'm only going to post the first part, because I need to work on the second part a little more. So here it is.


Rated: NC-17
Pairing: John/Serj
Warnings: Violent rape, psychological abuse, dark
Disclaimer: Not mine, not wanting them, for you cannot own someone. (Or in this story, the question is: can you?)


The party was over, and for that he was grateful. He had been waiting all day for this opportunity; he was nearly bursting with joy and excitement. He was prepared. He bought the necessary equipment, hiding them in the trunk of his car. Giddy, he spotted his prey a few feet away; he was yawning, saying polite good byes and thanks as he walked out the door. He suddenly poked his head back through the door way.
"John; you coming?"
John snapped out of his delirious daze and followed him to the car. He chuckled to himself. He was going to pay. Serj turned around to face his bandmate with an amused smile. "Are you drunk? Do you want me to drive?"
John shook his head. "Nah, I'm fine. Just thought of something funny, that's all." They got in and started their way back to Serj's place.

During the ride, Serj had dozed off, giving John the freedom to take another road without suspicion. The car turned onto a dirt road that cut through a field and headed into a dense forest.
They came to a clearing near a cliff that looked over a river. He turned off the engine and pulled the emergency brake.

The opening of the driver's door and the unforgiving glare of the overhead light roused to vocalist from his nap. "Nnnnnuh--we there?"
"Just sit tight." John ordered. The drummer opened the trunk and grabbed a duffle bag. He dumped the back on the driver's seat and flipped a switch on the overhead to keep it on while the doors were shut. Thoroughly confused, Serj watched John walk around hi to his door. "Get out, Serj."
Serj shrugged and did what he was told. "What's this all about? Where are we?" John opened the backseat door and shoved Serj into the seat. "Gah! Hey!" "Shut up!" John groled, crawling on top of him and shutting the door. He reached into the front seat with a little difficulty as Serj squirmed underneath him, and he pulled a rope, a scarf, and a butcher knife out of the bag. John smiled nastily and put the knife to the other man's throatm chuckling as he flenched. "If you want to life, I suggest you do as I say. Understand?" Serj whimpered and slowly nodded his head.

After he undressed him, he secured his hands behind his back. The ropes dug into the flesh of his wrists. He then turned him back around and pushed him back into the seat. Serj growled and looked up at him, glaring. John, who was stratling him at this point, sat down hard on his waist, causing Serj to cry out.
"Okay, you may ask questions now."
"Why are you doing this?" Serj cried, the knife getting way to close to his throat again. John smiled and thought it over. "Revenge. You're too fucking clean. You think you're better than me! You're a fucking tease, you make me want you.
"WHAT?!" Serj stared at him, aghast. "What are you going to do to me?"
John giggled, putting the knife in the front seat, and then he took the black scarf and blindfolded his captive. "I'm going to teach you a lesson.


Uhh...that's it so far. It's not very good, I know. I'm not good at writing stuff. ^^;; So don't kill meh!


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