be still (goldenglitter) wrote in boysex,
be still

New slash.


I hated you from the moment I first saw you. Those huge brown eyes made you look innocent and young. But I knew it was a facade. Underneath it you were devious and calculating and underhanded. And I hate it.

I'm not a fucking faggot. That's for fucking sure. I never looked twice at another man. But you just have to prance around like a fucking woman, and look sexy in your eyeliner just to make me stumble, don't you?

You scheming little bastard.

Fuck you for making me look twice at your lips and wonder how soft they would be against mine. Fuck you for making my eyes wander over your taut, olive-colored skin and wonder what it’s like to feel it beneath my hands. Fuck you for making me lie awake thinking about fucking you and waking up with sticky sheets in the morning.

I hate you and all of your twisted little mind games. You only take your shirt off when you know I’m looking. You only whisper my name in your sleep when you know I’ll hear you. You only look your sexiest when you know I’ll notice.

Well fuck that.

Look at you, scheming again. You’re all curled up in that chair, your head resting again your arm, your eyelids closed and your mouth parted slightly.

I know you know I’m watching. I know you know we’re alone. You, being the sick little homo you are, probably thinking I’m going to lean down and kiss you.

The sad thing is, I fall right into your stupid trap. I’m on my knees and pressing my lips against yours in a matter of seconds. You jolt slightly, as if just waking up, but we both know you weren’t asleep. You were planning this.

You were planning it down to the last second. Planning the moment you would wake up. Planning the instant you would slip your warm tongue into my mouth. Planning the exact fucking second you’d swing your legs around the chair and wrap your arms around the back of my neck.

And what’s really pathetic is, you didn’t plan any of it at all. I was the one planning and scheming just to get close to you. I was the one who waited in the background for years, looking for the perfect opportunity to kiss you.

And fuck, Daron. I love you.
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