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Bitch titties

I've scared everyone off?
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YES. Actually hasn't this been dead for like, over a year?
reviveee ; o;
Lol I meant cuz after my retarded story there wasn't any different post. Okay you're like the only other person on here but whatever. Lol write something I'm bored XD
Pfft, I haven't written any slash in like, ageees.
Let's...find other people to write >:3
I suck and don't rlly try xD
but yuss. ADVERTISE.
I found a site
I haven't joined cuz I haven't any time. But a lot of ppl are there
Hurr, I used to write it for a friend a lot, now I just do stupid doodles. :I
I wish I knew people to advertise to~ Bluhh.
I hardly ever write anymore :( i used to write so much... Mostly horror, never EVER romance or slash, lol
Practically exactly the same.
I used to write somewhat cheesy zombie or scifi thingies with the occasional slash thing for a friend of mine.
I need to get back in the swing of writing haha
Lol I agree. It's best to practice on sites like this because no one cares--as long as they get their slash xD
when I was like 13 I'd write all these zombie stories, trying to come up with the perfect type of zombie... Lol
but like last year I'd write all these stupid ones, like the end of the world and stuff. They sucked but it's a lot of fun writing horror, hard to write romance though (how can you keep it exciting?!?) and it's great writing life sci fi and stuff (though I only tried like once) because there's no rules, you can make up whatever the hell u want XD
I always reply with too much... Damn :p
I've only written a few scifi things, but I haven't in a while. I got bored with it. Zombies are easy to write about and it's so fun to write about them and then romance is just impossible lol.
I need to practiiice >:o
I am you. When you're asleep you're not actually asleep and you go on the Internet and reply to your posts unknownly.
OMG soad got back together or something... Idk google it I think it's only temporarly and I can't even type right but yeaah I think just for a tour (IN PLACES I CANT BE) but BAH :D
Bollocks, I sent that too soon.
OH and yeah, they're playing over in Europe next year. >_>
It's official and junk, but I can't go cause I live in the States :'C
Butrfhdgjks they're baaack~
I almost cried when I read they were back. Lol
I wish I lived in Europe :( I live in Canada and good bands rarely come to my province (except for a slayer concert in July or something and a disturbed one)
Gosssghhhuduffyckviueuwyssucogo I was so excited I screamed
Dude I know right? I was dancing in my pajamas like all day after I found out :B
Pffffffffdhghghgsdddajf you live in Canada?
*jealousjealousjealous* I live in Illinois and I guess people go to Chicago but that's a while a way from where I live :I
But oh my gosh I was so happy on monday x]
Did you ever see soad in concert? I never did and it makes me sad :(
if they played in Canada (and if I had enough money :s) I'd fly across the country to see them :3
Nope, I've never been to any concerts x[
And the fact I never saw THEM live is even more depressing. I wanted to see Scars live in May and August but I can't really just randomly fly over to California >:L Not enough money xD
Aw that sucks:(
I didn't like SOB that much, Daron doesn't sound all that great by himself :S
maaayyybe people will come back to this site now that soad is back ? Hopefully, it gets lonley around here... Lol
Yeah. And Serj played in Atlanta when I lived there, and guess who didn't know about it until like a week later >:[[[
I really liked Scars but I really like Daron sooo~
Maybe, everyone will be like "ooh system >:3"
Ahh that must have been so fustrating :o I'd rip my hair out...
I really like Daron as well ;D not that beard he used to have. Oh, gosh! Not that I really care, it's just fun to make fun of it XD
and some scars songs are okay :D
I wanted to. xD
Awwe I liked the Beard x] Well more of when he first started with Scars not once it got really big and awkward xD
Mhm I like them :B
Shavos beard remains the most epic.
Ofc, ofc.