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I don't know if I'm supposed to type it right on here or upload it from something, so I'll just type it here. AHA, I'm soo noob. This is only my second time writing anything, and my first slash, don't beat me up. It may not make sense 'cause it's like 1am. This is hard for me, I'm really shy :O. Here we goes... *shitteh writing begins...*

 "Please pick up..." Daron muttered under his breath to himself. The phone stopped ringing, and went to Shavo's voicemail.
Daron was freezing in the dark, the power had gotten knocked out due to the storm. He hated storms. More than anything. Espeacially this one. His window was cracked in his bedroom, and it was 3am, he had no intentions of doing anything about it.
 Daron dialed Shavo's number one more time.
"Pick up, asshole..." Daron groaned to himself.
"Hello?" Daron heard Shavo croak, Daron had obviously waken him up. 'I love his morning voice', Daron thought dreamily. Lately he had been finding himself thinking of Shavo. He had usually beat himself up for it, calling himself a fag. 'I'm not gay. Espeacially not for SHAVO.'
"Shavo! Hey, I need a place to stay, my window's kinda broken, and the power's out and..." Daron trailed off. 'And what else, you fag, you love him?! Why can't you just stay at John's or Serj's? Why Shavo?' Daron thought to himself.
"Fuck... okay. You want me to pick you up?" Shavo sighed.
Daron's heart fluttered. 'Alone with Shavo... in a car... and his house... at night... fuck yes!' "O-okay." Daron stutered nervously.
"'kay, I'm on my way... asshole." Shavo said, but Daron could hear the smile in his voice.
Daron rushed to put on some pants and waited in the porch for Shavo. He couldn't help but think it would be a great oppertunity to confess his feelings for him...
The ride to Shavo's was awkward. Daron was too busy thinking of how to tell Shavo... his feelings. 'Bleh. Fucking feelings.' Shavo kept trying to start up a conversation, but Daron would only give him one worded responses.
"Okay, what's up, Daron?" Shavo said after a long silence.
"W-what do you mean?" Daron gasped. He felt like Shavo knew just what he was thinking about him.
"You're usually not this quiet. What happened to my loud, annoying Daron?" Shavo said with a smirk. Daron loved that Shavo thought of him as his. And no one else's.
"Uhm, I'm tired?" Daron squeaked, unsure if Shavo was buying it.
"I know you, somethings wrong." Shavo said, looking him in the eyes. Daron shivered. 'I can't hide anyhting from him.'
"Okay," Daron started, taking a deep breath. "I kinda really like someone, and I'm unsure... if they would think of me the same if I told them."
"Is she hot? What's her name?" Shavo said, seeming to ignore Daron's seriousness.
"She's a he." Daron blurted out, instantly regretting it.
Shavo seemed like he wanted to laugh, but saw Daron's serious expression. He pulled over so he coud look Daron in the eye.
"Daron... are you gay? I mean, I'm okay with that if you are."
Daron looked at him and nodded. Then he pulled Shavo into a hug, leaning his head on his shoulder.
"It's okay, I'm here..." Shavo whispered comfortenly. "So, who has it... that you... liked?" Shavo asked, struggling to find the right words.
"You." Daron said. Shavo seemed shocked. He slowly pulled out of the hug, and looked Daron in the eyes. His mouth opened and closed like a goldfish.
Before Shavo could say anything, Daron pressed his chapped lips to Shavo's suprisenly soft ones. Instead of pulling away like Daron expected him to, Shavo wrapped his arms around Daron's small frame.
"I love you." Daron whispered against Shavo's lips.
"I-I love you too." Shavo said, and pulled Daron into another passionite kiss.

AHHHH I cannot write the sexy scene!!! :O Maybe later. Sorry that sucked :( Maybe I will write a sexier sequel? Ahh I'm so bad (and embarressed!!).
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